Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hi, my name is.....

Hi, my name is Brad Garfinkel and I am addicted to running. Actually, I am not really addicted to running. If we are being honest here, I am not sure I really even enjoy running. Why would someone enjoy getting up at 4am to run 10 miles in the dark of winter? Why would someone go out on a 20 miler when it's 85 out? Why would someone torture their body to the point that they lose their toe nails? Why would someone be crazy enough to run up a hill only to run down and do it 10 more times. Why would someone run 26.2 miles and be on their feet for four plus hours when a perfectly good car can do the trick in 30 minutes.....while sitting down! My grandfather use to preach that he belonged to the 'sons of rest.' The philosophy with the sons of rest is that if you get up and have the urge to do something, you should sit back down and take a rest! Anyway, I don't know that I really am addicted to running.

What I do know is that I am addicted to collecting t-shirts and tech shirts from the zillions of races I run annually. I am addicted to the medals I earn while crossing the finish line. I am addicted to the congratulations I get as I proudly wear my medals. I am addicted to the crowds cheering as I run by. I am addicted to the camaraderie felt by fellow runners as you share stories about PR's and great finishes. I am addicted to the feeling of butterflies in my stomach as I am ready at the start line. I am addicted to the pride of limping into work knowing that no one or almost no one ran as far as I did today.....before work! I am addicted to the many great sights and sounds I experience as I travel the country to participate in races. I am addicted to the many friendships that I have developed as a result of running. I am addicted to the feeling I get when someone tells me that I have inspired them to take the first steps to their journey of becoming a runner. I am addicted to the satisfaction of knowing that I do what most people think is impossible (but in fact is very possible). I am addicted to wearing out a pair of running shoes (they are NOT sneakers) every four months from running so many miles!

A little more about me. I am a banker, father and husband (and Disney addict ) by day and night and a runner all other times but usually in the morning beginning at 4am. My goals are simple: stay healthy, keep my weight down (I am down 20 pounds over the same time last year), keep my cholesterol down and run faster. I would like to run a sub 4 hour marathon, run a sub 1:40 half marathon and dare I say it......eventually qualify for Boston (in the next 10 years). I would also like to try my hand (or feet) at a 50 and a 100 miler. I plan to focus on cross training with cycling and swimming and the occasional triathlon to keep me focused. My ultimate dream is to pass my love of running on to my daughter and eventually run a half marathon with her.

Ok, so I guess I really do love running and am clearly addicted to it and every detail that goes along with it. Four years ago I could barely run around the block. As of today I have run 8 marathons, almost two dozen half marathons and countless other races while logging 1000 training miles per year. I don't love running. I AM A RUNNER.


  1. Well said, I think we are all addicted to everything that comes with running!

  2. I love the comment about the 4 a.m. runs. It is great going into work in the mornings knowing what you did and what most others didn't do.

  3. I've always said it Brad, you are a very inspiring friend. You've done a.great job describing why we all love running.