Friday, February 3, 2012

So May I Introduce To You...

Another BLOG!!!  I know... just what you needed.  But this one is a little different due to how it started, who is writing it, what it will come to represent and what you will find here.  So indulge us for a moment so we may introduce Saying Fartlek Makes Us Giggle!

In 2009 a running team was formed to support the fight against cancer.  If you have been to Walt Disney World for marathon weekend since 2010 or are a fan of the online Disney community you may have heard of it... Team Allears.  Team Allears is an amazing group of people that to date has raised over $140,000 in the fight against cancer.  The team comes from all over the world, has runners of all shapes and sizes and runs everything from the 5k to the Dopey Challenge (5k+Half Marathon+Full Marathon all in the same weekend).  It is through Team Allears that the authors of this blog met.

In 2010 the 6 of us began tweeting each other to keep ourselves going through training, weight loss, etc.  We would cheer each other on when we needed it and try to cheer up each other when we needed it to.  Well almost two years later 140 characters at a time just doesn't cut it and thus this blog was born.

Over the next year Brad, Josh, Rob, Jorge, Chris and Jamison will be chronicling our year of training that will lead us to Walt Disney World's Marathon Weekend 2013.  Between the 6 of us some are runners that are looking to lose weight, some are looking to bounce back from major or minor injuries, some are looking to set PR's, at least one is looking to change the way he runs and all of us are running from Father Time.

We will share our struggles, successes and everything in between.  We will share our training plans and our weight loss struggles.  We may even share music suggestions, beer suggestions, the occasional bit of Walt Disney World news, and being an election year we can't promise that politics won't sneak in too.  We aren't World Class Runners, but we are a group of guys who caught the running bug and want to take you all along as we train for WDW Marathon Weekend 2013!  And why the title?  Well we don't take ourselves THAT seriously!

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