Thursday, March 22, 2012


There!  Hopefully my blog title got your attention!

So, why do I blog?  I was asked this question a few times over the past few years (I also did a coach's blog for a local newspaper).  Better yet, why do I blog when I know that not very many people read it?  I'll try my best to explain...

First and foremost, it keeps me honest.  I know my wife is reading this (hi, pumpkin!  I love you!), and this in turn, helps keep me honest in my training and diet.  I know there's someone watching out for me and making me delicious, healthy dinners.  And I know there's someone watching out for me to make me feel a little guilty about going for that second glass of soda or my son's leftover candy.  I know there's someone watching out for me and who notices when I lost a little chunk of weight.  And I know there's someone watching out for me when she notices my work clothes are fitting a little looser.

Secondly, I just hope I can inspire someone else to make a lifestyle change.  Even if it's just one person.  If I can do that, I would've accomplished my mission with my blog.  Again, I know I'm not reaching too many people, but I always hold out hope that someone new just happens to stumble on my blog and I can be of some help to that person - no matter how much or little I impact them.

So, in the end, does it bother me that my blog probably only does reach three people?  No, not really...  I've really developed a good "support team" around the home front.  Many thanks to my family for their support.  Got to give a shout-out to the neighbors for their kind words, and also to the parents of the kids I coach who have noticed the weight loss.

But anyway...  How's my training going?  Pretty crappy actually.  Last Monday, I was able to get in a good 4-mile run in before I got sick with a nasty cold.  Had to take the whole week off and ran again this past Monday.  What happened?  I got nasty side effects from the anti-biotics that I will NOT go into detail about.  Hopefully I can get a decent run in tomorrow (Friday) and start fresh next week.  So basically, we'll say in the span of two weeks, I got in 2 4-mile runs, no lifting, and that's it.  The good thing is that my weight has at least maintained.  If anything, I put on maybe 1 pound of what I lost...

My weekly training tip:  When you're jogging on the road - and you're like me and run the same route at the same time of day - keep oncoming traffic in mind.  What I mean is, if someone driving makes an effort to move over and give you space, give them a wave.  Most times, they'll wave back.  If you're like me, you start seeing some of the same cars over and over again.  Than they might start thinking "hey, these jogger nuts aren't so bad," and they'll start moving over for OTHER joggers as well.

Until next time...  Stay tuned...


  1. I live in a 'running' town, there is always someone out running. No reason not to be kind to those out getting their exercise, or to those giving you the space to get your exercise!

  2. Great post. I agree. If we make a difference in 1 persons life (hey it could be mine or yours). Then this whole thing was worth it. Sorry it's taken me so long to chime in. Congrats on the progress. Sorry for the set backs, but way to not let it get you down.

  3. Thanks Josh. I really do appreciate the support.