Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Who's Got Two Thumbs and Forgot to Post His Update Last Week???

That's right...you're reading his stuff now!  Sorry about that - in my delusional mind, I know the throngs of readers out there were on pins and needles, wondering if the previous week's weight loss was just water weight or the removal of rocks placed in my pocket at the initial weigh-in.  I'm happy to report that, as of today (Tuesday), I was down another 4 lbs!  I actually am seeing a 24X on the scale now...the next goal is that long-ago-seen "23X".

I would likely have been down more, but I felt like I was losing a little too quickly, so I added  a few more carbs for a bit (refer to my last post on here regarding ketoacidosis).  I allowed a couple of days where I added quite a few carbs (yes, even the evil high-glycemic index ones as wifey and I had one of our semi-annual date nights).  Luckily, I kept it somewhat within reason (not going completely crazy), and it wasn't too difficult the next day...

...and then last Saturday happened. 

Sheri made a Tastefully Simple recipe that I have decided will work perfectly as my carbo loading breakfast the day before my first marathon.  These muffins would have made Paula Deen proud.  I put it into my calorie counter, and it locked up on me (I think that was its way of mourning for me).  For those who are doing Wheat Belly, South Beach, Atkins, etc...you know how it feels when you cheat and have something loaded with enriched flour and sugar? 

Yeah, 2 hours later, the cravings hit me like I haven't felt in a LONG time.

We were over at my in-laws' house, and I was absolutely starving.  I should have just reached for the cheese sticks in the fridge, but they have a goodie drawer that was calling my name in a lovingly tone.  I channeled the Tasmanian Devil, tore into the drawer, and ate nearly everything in there!  Sure enough, an hour or so later, I was tired and starving.

Oh, and for you wheat belly fans out there...I have been able to cut my GERD medication in half...every other day now.  Well, I was able to do so before I had a couple of meals with a lot of wheat products in it. 


I had an accidental good-news event occur this past weekend...was putting on a belt and, without thinking or trying, I was able to go to a smaller hole when buckling.  WOOT!!!!!!

On the activity front - I've been doing a lot more around the house.  Once I get below 240, I'm going to start the lower-mileage running back up as I'm guessing my boys will want to do our local town's 5K in a few months.  I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of stuff as I haven't checked in on the Daily Mile web site since December (no, I haven't even uploaded the WDW half).  I can't wait to start getting those updates again on that site.

Current weight: 249

Total lost: 9 lbs in 19 days.


  1. Awesome job, Mush. Hang in there. I think we all cheat at one time or another during our diets - me included. Hey, we're only human!

  2. Great job buddy. Way to go. Keep up the great work. An inspiration indeed.