Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Urgh, Do I HAVE To Follow Josh?

Geez did you read what Josh wrote?  My gosh... how do I follow that?!?

Well I will keep it simple.  My time off from running has helped.  My form is crap but I don't feel pain and I am back into double digit miles for the weeks.  I had a chance to run at the Shore this past weekend but dragged my feet and didn't get up in time before my drive back to WV so instead my long run was along route 11.  Not nearly as scenic.

My supplementing the running with weightlifting and core work was the way to go.  I have NO IDEA why I didn't lift last year but it was a stupid mistake.  I feel stronger after only a month and I am convinced it is why I am not hurting in the knees.

The diet is going well too.  My weight loss has not been as dramatic as some, but I think the lifting is offsetting the weight loss.  I am down about 10 lbs this month, give or take the day.  But my waist is back to about where I was before the Chicago Marathon in October '11 so I am happy about that.  Cutting out wheat and gluten was a great diet choice for me.  Any diet where I can eat all the meat, eggs, cheese, pickles and pistachios I want?  Sign me up.  I am also limiting my beers to only a few (two-three) on the weekends and thats really because I still have some great craft brews I have not gotten to yet.  In fact...


Are you a runner who really craves sweets during or after a run?  If so, I fully recommend Breckenridge's Agave Wheat.  The flavor from the agave almost completely overwhelms the traditional wheat taste, but that familiar wheat taste is there, make no mistake.  If your only idea of "wheat beer" is Blue Moon then you will be completely surprised.  About the only thing this beer has in common with Blue Moon is wheat and the fact that they are both from Colorado.  You will also get about 16 grams of carbs after you are done with your run in case you are looking for another reason to try it.  To further highlight its refreshingness (I lay claim on that word), its bitterness level is only a 9.  To put that in perspective, an American light beer is in the same bitterness range, while a Guinness Stout is about 50 IBU's.  Don't worry, if you are reading this and you are a HopHead, we will be drinking some heavier stuff as the year goes one.

Okay folks... til next time just remember... "Proud and defiant we'll slay the giant, let us seize the day!"


  1. Oh please Jamison, it's nt about following me. It's about all of us. Well, I am so glad to hear that you are having success with your strength training. There is NO DOUBT in my mind that this will pay off in many ways 1) injury prevention, 2) speed, 3) endurance/fighting fatigue. The stronger your legs and core are, the longer you will be able to maintain your form and this will definitely pay off in all aspects of running. I definitely learned the hard way. When I was running big miles and dedicating many hours a week to swimming, biking or running and I got into a pinch for time, strength training was ALWAYS the first thing to go. I'll not be making that mistake twice. I like wheat beer btw. My favorite is hoegarten (sp??). Maybe I'll look for this beer. All the best.

  2. My curiosity is peaked. I'm a sweet person (haha!) I like the hard ciders and the blue moon WITH the orange - not without. I want to try this agave beer. Love agave in my tea :)

  3. WTG on the weight loss...every pound counts, right?!

    I'm most definitely a hefeweizen fan. Blue Moon is a good one to cool off during a summer day, but I like Erdinger's and Franziskaner (they're completely different, but I still love them!). I'll have to see if our Friar Tuck has the Breck Agave to try it out!

  4. Strength training is the way to go. I started doing it a year before my first goofy and haven't stopped I know it has helped me stay injury free. We will try that beer as well.